Brands and books for the modern, unique writer.

Want to self publish your book, but not sure where to start?

THE ULTIMATE SELF-PUBLISHING CHECKLIST gives you a birds-eye-view of the self-publishing process, breaking
it down into necessary steps to get you from first idea to printed book, all in the form of an easy-to-understand checklist.


You’re a passionate storyteller.

You want the world to hear what you have to say.
You’ll do whatever it takes to rise above the rest. To stand out.
To be noticed.

Because what you have to say is important.


But you feel silenced.

You’re blending into a faceless crowd.
Your words are POWERFUL, but your image is missing.
What you have to share is so dang important—BUT NO ONE SEES YOU.

I can fix that.

You can have a cohesive image that totally represents everything you’re about.
You can have a brand that is distinctly and uniquely YOU.

Your passion can’t be shushed or quieted. You need to be heard and seen... You just need a killer image, and an amazing platform to showcase you and your passion.