Discovering the Balance: Part 2

Discovering the Balance: Part 2, what does good balance mean for businesses? | finicky designs

This is going to be the shortest post of the series, mainly because you can probably deduct the reasons why a good work-life balance will impact your business for the better. But I will briefly touch on it, because sometimes we need to outright SEE the outcome to know that it's good (remember point 3 from the last post?)



Are you ready to really commit to what you do both personally and professionally?

Commitment is HARD. But it's necessary. Both personally as well as professionally.

Commitment is what's going to affect that routine you're trying so hard to establish. As mentioned in Part 1, your routine is critical in figuring out your own work-life balance. Commit to answering those questions to truly figure yourself out, and take the big leap into full-on commitment. This is like vows with your business. Take it seriously, step up to the challenge (because this will be challenging), and get ready to crush it.



Are you doing what you love?

You should have this crazy passion for the work that you do. That's going to impact your balance BIG TIME, because if you're miserable in your work, then any time spent doing it won't feel right.

Now work is still work. And regardless of how much you LOVE your career, there will be those days, those projects, those production full-steam-ahead kind of torturous moments that make you want to drop everything and become a Himalayan monk (because they probably don't have bad days). But at the end of it, you should be able to sit back and relish in what you do in life.

Passion is going to affect your attitude towards your work. As mentioned in Part 1, your attitude towards the work that you do will shape your happiness with the balance of your life. As long as you have a real passion for the work that you do on a daily basis, you're going to strive to be great at it, and your time spent is going to produce awesome results for your business.


Fulfillment & Success

What does it mean when it all comes together?

If you're committed and passionate about the work that you do, you're going to find the greatest fulfillment in it. And fulfillment = BALANCE. Think of when you spend time with your some of your closest friends. Do you walk away feeling empty and like you completely wasted your time? Of course not (hopefully not)! So the same should go for the work that you do. If you're fulfilled, you're going to stick to that commitment a little closer and things will continue to fall into place for you.

But really the most important part of all of this balance business talk? SUCCESS. I think the definition of the success of your business is different for everyone. But when I say success, I mean progress, forward movement, becoming better. I can talk about how successful my freelance business is all day—but that doesn't mean I have million dollar clients lined up at my door. What it does mean is that I'm satisfied, I'm excited about it, I'm forming new relationships and continuing to grow as a designer and business owner, and through all of those positive things, more business is coming in. 


If you're able to make the time for all of the important things in your personal life and let your passion and commitment drive your business, you'll experience an overwhelming amount of fulfillment and will be successful in whatever you pursue.

Friday I'll be sharing with you some practical tips for keeping up that healthy work-life balance and a fun little tool that'll offer you some accountability. Stay tuned!



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