Discovering the Balance: Work all day and night

Okay, so maybe that blog title is a little deceiving. I'm not going to tell you should work all day and night, or tell you HOW you can work all day and night, in fact I won't even come close to endorsing you working all day and night. It's not healthy, both physically and emotionally. But, it's what I do. And right now in this stage of life, I feel like I've got to do it. So how do I find a good work/life balance in the midst of two jobs?

Today I'm introducing my new series- Discovering the Balance. I'm going to start by sharing with you my own struggles and why it's so important to find the right balance. Feel free to jump in on the conversation. This is still a learning process for me, but I can't wait to share with you all how I'm doing it.

Discovering the Balance: work all day and night | finicky designs


Because I LOVE working all of the time! (Just kidding.) I hold a full-time job as an in-house designer, 10 hour days, Monday through Thursday. I also hold a part-time (sometimes feels like full-time) job as a freelancer, meeting with clients on Fridays and working each evening through the week and weekends. When someone asks me what I do, I always give an answer with a paragraph instead of a sentence.


Right now, in this stage of life that I'm in—no kids, loving my career, flexible—I feel like I need to. My in-house work is completely different than my freelance work. At One Child Matters (the non-profit I work for in-house) I'm a part of a Communications team. We sit down and brainstorm as a team, filter through job requests from other departments, plan out conferences and campaigns... my days are like a rapid-fire nerf gun. And I'm on the other end of it. Ready, set, DODGE!

Freelance is a totally different ballgame. Sure, I pull from my in-house experience all of the time (as well as my freelance experience to my in-house), but I'm no longer on the rough end of the nerf gun. I get to take control, share it with some enthusiastic small biz owner, and we get to shoot at big dreams... with our nerf gun–that we've built together. Sorry, this analogy has really taken off.

Point is- I love both for different reasons, I'm learning and growing, and I just DO IT. (Thanks, Nike.)

WHY BALANCE is important

This is something I've really struggled with in the past. I'm getting better now, and that's the part I can't wait to share with you! Balance is important because it's key in keeping sanity, prosperity, and the most valuable things in life a priority. 

When there's too much work, I can't bring myself to really focus well. Why? Because I haven't taken care of the most important stuff first! And then my work is negatively affected. So too much work, not enough life, starts to make my work suffer? Yep. Balance. Key.

What about too much life (if there's ever a such a thing)? Honestly, if I have too much life going on in the midst of two jobs, it probably means I'm being LAZY. Don't get me wrong, if my business is flourishing and I can take an entire month off– that's not wrong! That's where I'd love to be someday! But when my work is suffering because I'd rather watch Downton Abbey than update my portfolio– the balance? OFF. Say it with me- Balance. Key.


So glad you asked! I'll be answering that in my 3 part series: Discovering the Balance.

WHAT DOES GOOD BALANCE mean for my business?

Great question. And one that I can't wait to answer in my series, Discovering the Balance! So, hey, follow (pst, right sidebar)!

WHAT ARE SOME practical tips for keeping Good balance?

Bet you can guess what I'm about to say... Yep—stay tuned for the answer! (Next week!)


I do have a tool, a free fancy little accountability checklist that'll help you keep a good work/life balance no matter what your field is. But you have to wait until the last post in my 3-part series... RIGHT! Discovering the Balance! 


I'm pretty excited about next week's posts. Can you tell? But keep in mind, I want to hear from YOU! How do YOU keep a good work/life balance? Let's chat about it next week!


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