Big Dreams, Better Blogs Link Up

I'm dreaming big and linking up with some fellow bloggers to catapult me into the new year! 


My dreams and big blog goals for 2015


1. Keep an editorial calendar—and stick to it! I just downloaded an awesome editorial calendar from Bear & Beagle Creative, and my #1 blog priority over Christmas week (that I totally have OFF from work!) is to fill it out and apply their blogging principles to the way I organize things.

2. Officially RELAUNCH my freelance business on January 1st. I launched my business several years ago, but never took the opportunity to really celebrate what I've done, what my awesome clients are doing, and where my business is going. So come back and visit during the first week of January to grab a copy of my free e-book (How to Work WELL with Designers) and a sneak peak at a collaborative YouTube channel that will be launching in February! I'm seriously excited, people. But it's kind of scary—like I'm not really ready for any of it. But when is anyone ever really ready?

3. Launch the finicky designs monthly newsletter. A creative digest with some design tidbits and a highlight of trends as well as one featured blog post. For both creatives and small business owners looking for a little creative WOW in their inbox every month.

4. Publish my very first ebook. And the goal is to publish it on my business relaunch date (Jan 1st – see above). How to Work WELL with Designers is already underway. This ebook is packed full of advice and tips for working with designers, including answers to frequently asked questions from my very own clients! It's free if you subscribe to my NEW monthly newsletter starting January 1st. This is a big, scary dream—but it's the one I'm probably most excited about! I'll post more about it next week.

5. Keep growing my community. I love love love connecting with fellow bloggers and creative entrepreneurs. They inspire me, they encourage me, and I want to meet more this year! I think having a good, supportive community around you directly impacts the quality of your blog. So it's vital for me to keep seeking out bloggers who motivate me to be my very best. It'd also be great to start sponsoring blogs, doing more guest posts and interviews, and just becoming more involved.


Now it's YOUR turn! Follow the link to read the rules and post about your own big dreams and blog goals! I'll be perusing through all of the linkups over the next couple of weeks and can't wait to read your post!

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