My Favorite Christmas Tunes — 2014

My Favorite Christmas Tunes of 2014 | finicky designs

Oh, how I love Christmas music! (Just ask my co-workers. Pretty sure I drive them insane.) Here are my three favorite albums of this year. 

2014 Albums — Christmas Tune Favorites | finicky designs

1. Rend Collective — Campfire Christmas

I'm a HUGE Rend Collective fan, so this selection may be completely biased. Regardless, this album is so catchy! Listen to the entire album on YouTube here before you buy it here!

2. Sleeping At Last — Christmas Collection 2014

This album is beautiful, recommended to me by a friend. You can download the entire album for free (+ a tip if you love it) on NoiseTrade.

3. Pentatonix — That's Christmas to Me

I know, I know! But seriously, these kids can SING. My parents gave me their album on Thanksgiving day, and it's been playing on repeat ever since. My poor, poor husband. (He'll be fine...) It's only $8 on iTunes, so grab it before the holiday season is over!

So there you have it, the three albums carrying me through the Christmas season.

What are your favorite tunes this year?



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