Why I Took A Mental Break

Why I took a mental break—and why you probably should, too. | finicky designs

At first I just thought I had nothing good to write about, that I was hitting a wall with both my time and ideas, and discouragement was creeping in. But looking at a full editorial calendar and significant amount of free time, I realized that honestly? I just needed a BREAK. From freelance, from blogging, from business strategizing... these past few months I've been going, going, going! So I just stopped for a week—I took a mental break. I spent lots of time curled up on my couch in front of the fire, reading and going through my Bible study. I baked, I spent time with my husband and extended family, I decorated the house for Christmas, I ran around town with my best friend, and I just took some much needed ME time.

Taking a mental break before the holidays | finicky designs

As the holidays are gearing up, there is so much to do from Christmas cards, to shopping, and to wrapping up some client projects that need to get done before the end of the year. As we enter the season of Advent, it was vital for me to clear my mind and slow down before diving into all of it.

I encourage you to take a mental break—though I know the season is already in full swing. But even if your mental break is one evening or one morning of absolute silence, stillness, and a letting go of all of your stresses—it's at least a break and you'll thank yourself for it.

Taking a mental break before the holidays | finicky designs

As I'm rearranging my editorial calendar today (quick side note: I attended a webinar yesterday put on by Bear and Beagle Creative and they just started selling a FANTASTIC editorial calendar for bloggers) I'm looking at all of it with a fresh mind and an energized, motivated spirit! So look out for some fun Christmas posts from me in the coming weeks (is Christmas really only three weeks away?) as well as some posts gearing up for my business re-launch happening on January 1st!


Stop. Breathe. And enjoy the season.


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