Through My Lens: Snow Pups

This past week we had a few storms roll in that dumped a significant amount of snow on our little corner of Colorado. The dogs, especially my German shepherd husky, LOVE the snow. As in—OMG it's snowing, I'm going to whine excessively until you OPEN THIS BACK DOOR RIGHT NOW (doesn't matter if there's half an inch or 12). So I took them to the large dog park (we live up against those mountains you see in the distance) this weekend, and they were in their happy place. So was I after taking two exhausted pups home. Peace. At last.

Running gets to be a hassle when there's a foot of snow in your way. So sometimes Dasha (my german shepherd husky mix) will fly across it instead.

And then there's Anya (black lab mix) who doesn't know what it means to NOT drag her paws through the snow. There's always cloud of snow dust following her around the park.

Found a high spot in the snow. Look at that tail! 

Hi, Dasha.

Hi, Anya.

And then there's me, having just as g-g-good of a time!

All photos taken with my iPhone 6 and edited in VSCO cam.



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