8 for 28

Happy Birthday to meeeee!

Happy 28th Birthday!

Today I'm turning 28 (hello Golden Birthday!) which technically puts me in the category of "late twenties" and means I can no longer tease my husband for being older than me (though really he's still 7 months older...). Today I'm going to climb a mountain, stuff my face with cake, and spend some time with my hubs. But first, I want to reflect on 8 big reminders for myself as I go into the daunting age of 28. These reminders are simply lessons I've learned over the past 28 years of my life—and things I need to continue to remember to keep myself on course.

  1. Always trust God: His timing and plans are perfect.
  2. Use your faith: otherwise it's worthless.
  3. Surround yourself with people that build you up.
  4. Only you are responsible for your happiness. You can't pin it on anyone else.
  5. Work hard—and never for selfish ambition.
  6. Love deeply and authentically.
  7. Fail, fail, fail—then pick yourself up and go at it again.
  8. Remember that life is but a vapor—so don't waste a moment of it. 

I've had an amazing 28 years. I pray that I'm given many more years to continue to learn lessons and that I never take for granted each one that makes up my life.


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