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When you're out on my own, pursuing your own business, hustling for it every day — finding encouragement is a BIG DEAL. Finding community is ESSENTIAL. Making friends who are going through the same stuff you are is CRUCIAL to your success. I didn't understand this when I first started out—but after joining the right newsletters, having the right encouraging stuff landing in my inbox, and joining the most encouraging communities I could ever have hoped for, I've see a huge impact in my business.

So today for Finicky Friday, I'm going to give you a peek into my inbox and into my community that keeps me going every day.

P.S. My lists are kind of short, but that's because I'm pretty picky over who I let in my inbox and who I collaborate with. But hopefully you'll take that as a good thing!

A behind the scenes look at Finicky Designs community — who to follow, and where to find encouragement

Encouraging Newsletters

These are the newsletters I see arrive in my inbox and get butterflies. For real. Then I save them in a special folder so that I can reference them on the bad and the ugly days where I just need that pick-me-up.

1. Hey, Sweet Pea

Talk about ENCOURAGEMENT! The words that Scott and Elise Grice share about being en entrepreneur and giving yourself permission to follow your dreams is PRICELESS. Sometimes I can't even believe it's arriving in my inbox for free. Their encouragement alone has helped me make business decisions that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to. I can't recommend jumping on their list enough.

2. Charissa Moore — House of Bliss

You know what I LOVE about Charissa? She makes herself so vulnerable and simply shares straight from her heart. Every time I receive one of her emails, I just want to email her back and thank her for being so transparent and encouraging me in my own journey—journey with my business, but also journey with my LIFE. I just went through her email series called Manifest Your Bliss, and holy cow... so much goodness. So I put Charissa under both encouragement AND career advice.


Career Advice

These are the newsletters that give me so much good advice for my career, my business, my growth... I wouldn't be where I am without them!

1. Letters for Creatives — Braid Creative

This newsletter offers SO MUCH that helps me press forward in my daily design pursuits. The practical design business tips are extremely valuable, and more often than not, I'm jotting them down in my sketchbook.

2. Arianne at Aeolidia 

Arianne provides awesome, detailed advice for designers and business owners. And the best part? You can reply to her newsletter (as she encourages you to) and she will answer your questions—like, in DETAIL. Her words are so encouraging and PRACTICAL. She really knows her stuff, and shares a ton of it with her followers.

3. Indie Tactics — Indie Shopography

My favorite thing about the Indie Tactics newsletter is the power and encouragement behind the practical business advice. After reading it, I always want to kind of cheer. Okay, maybe that's just me being weird. But seriously. WOO!



The above lists are definitely more of a one-way street. But this list is of my closest collaborations and communities where I try to give just as much as I receive.

1. Being Boss — Facebook group

I can't get enough of this group. It started with me listening to the Being Boss Podcast, and that's when I knew I just had to join the group. The group is full of people (mostly women) JUST LIKE ME who are pursuing the life of being their own boss and making their business dreams happen. They're my sounding board, my greatest advice givers, my cohorts, my friends. 

2. Pursuit Community

These ladies are not only an encouragement to me as a business owner, but an encouragement to my soul! They're full of love and compassion, and strive to be the best women they can be—spiritually, emotionally, and in their businesses. I love the main Facebook group, but it's quite large. So if you want to join, I'd suggest finding your local group. That way you can eventually meet up in person (which is the best anyways).

3. Bliss Boost 

If I could tell you to join any group, anywhere, at any point in time... it would be this group. You go through an intensive every month (and I mean INTENSIVE) to discover your niche market, figure out how to market to them, write your website copy and receive amazing help with it... Okay, okay, so I'm not even doing it justice. Just go here to read all about it. But I can attest to what the intensive does for your business because I've seen direct results from it (a client hired me because my about page spoke right to her).

But let me speak into the community that you'd be a part of. They're PRICELESS. If I ever need to bounce any business (or personal) advice off of anyone going through the same things as I am, Bliss Boost is the first place I go. They are the number one reason I've made some crazy dreams happen in these past few months and they're what keep me going into the months ahead. You should join us all on Twitter for #blisschat on Thursday nights at 7 pm MDT to get a peek at it. 


So, there you have it—a look at the people, the communities, and the words of wisdom that all make me tick. Do you have any you want to share? Just comment below! I'd love to hear all about them.



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