Going Live on Periscope for the First Time

The next couple of posts are going to be geared around social media, because I know you writers are needing some helpful social media advice. AND, I'm going outside of my own means (I'm no social media expert) to feature some interviews from those that know it best. But first—I wanted to tell you about my first time going live on Periscope!

Going live on Periscope for the first time

Periscope is just getting rolling—but man is it rolling. Today, two bloggers I follow religiously just went live for the first time. And it was SO exciting!

So what is Periscope? Essentially, Periscope is a live streaming app. You get to see someone broadcast in real time to an audience that's guided by hearts and comments. Seriously, if you haven't checked it out—DO IT. Here are two guys to follow to get you started:

Dave Shrein

Ryan Steinolfson

My first time jumping on Periscope went really quick. I was a little preoccupied with making sure I was saying things correctly and covering what I wanted to cover, so I didn't pay much attention to the comments (oops!) and missed out on a few connections. But all-in-all, I had a total of 26 viewers tune in live, and around 15 replays with lots of positive tweets of encouragement! It was fun- so the goal is to keep it up!

I wanted to briefly share with you some tips for your first time broadcasting—just some simple things I learned from my first time! (Pst, check out my first scope below!)

1. Dress up. Obviously Periscope is about hanging with someone in their sweats (or anyways those are some of the scopes I enjoy most), but for your first time going live, you don't want to feel self-conscious. Put on some lipstick, comb your hair, wear your favorite shirt, and BE CONFIDENT!

2. Make an outline. I didn't really look at it while I was talking, but it was nice to know it was there if I needed it.

3. Be animated. The scopes I enjoy the most are ones where the person is lively, full of energy, and are enthusiastic about talking to me. I felt like I was almost being OVERLY animated—but watching it back, my personality totally came through it.

4. Anticipate the nerves, but don't let them control you. I actually wasn't super nervous before hitting the "start broadcast" button. Then I hit it and *GULMP.* Unexpected nerves! But my speech class tactics instantly kicked in, I slowed down my breathing, tried to just be myself, and worked through it.

5. Say something interesting. Make sure you have an engaging topic, especially when going live for the first time, because all of your followers get notified that it's your first time going live—and it's an instant attraction. I actually shared something on Periscope that I haven't shared anywhere else yet! And because I follow some great Periscope advisors (I guess you can call them that), I recorded my scope to share with ya'all! So check out my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT:

Seriously, jump on Periscope, learn from the best of them, and HAVE FUN WITH IT!

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