National Poetry Month—Nathalie de Gabriele Ferrante

Has everyone been so enjoying National Poetry Month? I use to write poetry as a teen, and literally haven't even thought about writing poetry since then! This month has inspired me to pick up my pen- but whether or not I'll ever actually share what goes down on paper is another story.

Today's feature is on Nathalie de Garbriele Ferrante (awesome name, yes?). Nathalie is only 15 years old, so maybe that's why I'm reminiscing about my teenage poetry years. Nathalie is from Malta, and her writings are just as inspiring as she is.

Nathalie's poem Angels and Demons


Angels and Demons

I look at the angel
In its white purity;
Hugging its dark counterpart,
Who is drowned in self-pity.

The great plumage wings
Sweep across the floor
As I wonder about
Where the angel finds its core.

Despite the wonderful images
Of cool soothing atmospheres,
In my mind, Heaven's a raging fire
Always bleaching our impurities.

The poor damaged Fallen,
In cog wheels bound
And, though locked in itself,
Comfort, it has found.

And though the Fallen is dismal,
The warmth from the power above
Spreads slowly, changing, transforming,
Creating and penetrating what once was tough...

The picture hanging on the wall
Does show how we shall fall.
It is our future, our present, our past.
But it provides the inspiration so we may at last
Find the one true source in one's life
Which releases eternal strife.

And so life will fall
And eternity will rise
And both fire and strength
Shall descend from the skies...


Nathalie de Gabriele Ferrante

My name is Nathalie and I am fifteen years old. I am an author from Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea. I've always loved writing and, in fact, I wrote my first "book" at the age of seven as a Christmas gift for my mom. Despite this, I actually realised my ability to write four years ago when I first started working on an actual story. It was no sooner than six months ago, though, that I also branched out to a new literary medium: poetry.

I guess that, had I not loved books during my earlier years, I would never have discovered the wonderful world of literature (particularly that of fiction); I would never have had three ongoing stories, and I definitely would have never had the chance to write poetry.

And in case anyone's wondering, which I'm sure you are, yes, I do have other hobbies: playing the piano and guitar, singing and watching YouTube videos.

For more of my work, visit my website and social media:





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