National Poetry Month—Payden Hall

This month, Finicky Designs is featuring two to three poets and their work each week in celebration of April being National Poetry Month! I am so excited at the response I've received and so blown away by the talent that is arriving in my inbox. I have a new-found respect and admiration for poetry and the writers who are so willing to be completely transparent and share their hearts with the rest of the world.

I am pleased to introduce to you the first featured poet of the month, Payden Hall.

The Curios Giants by Payden Hall


The Curious Giants

I was no different 

From other children.

I pulled flowers

From the gardens.

I made tarts

From the mud which

Grew by the river.

As a calf in spring

Romps; so did I.

Until the winter

Of my childhood,

I did not understand.


“You are almost

A young woman,”

Said my mother.

“But you must

Know your path 

Shall never be 

Like other women.

Children will 

Never call you 

Their mother. 

A man will never 

Know you and call 

You his wife.”


I felt a furrow

Deepen between

My brow.


“Am I not fair?”

My tone was low

But my heart was high.

Silence answered

What I already 

Knew was true.

What man wishes

A plain woman? 


After an hour,

My mother spoke.

“Daughter, you

Have a greater,

Nobler, harsher 

Duty to fulfill.” 


Just as soon

As my life

Was placed in 

My two hands,

It was taken

Out of my reach.

“Daughter, do you

Know you were

Set apart from

the other children?

Have you not

Ever thought in 

Your beautiful mind

Why this is?

As a child,

You pulled flowers

From the gardens.

You made tarts

From the mud

That grows by

The Great River.

As a child,

You played

Among the dirt,

Among your peers.

Yet, always, always,

You looked up.

Then, you stood up.

As a child,

You touched the sky

By asking why.

Your brothers

And your sisters

Never bothered

To know why

The sky was 

Gray, when it

Should be blue. 

Always, always,

You stood apart. 

You are a

Seeker, Daughter.

Those are few

And sacred.

Your task, now,

In the winter

Of your childhood.

Is to step

Into the spring

Of life as

A woman now. 

And, to seek,

The reply to

The giants.”


While other women

Married a man

And bore sons

And a daughter.

I married a 

Quest. I left 

My childhood

In the lap 

Of Winter 

I sought what

Others did not.


The little minds

Around me

Grew small.

They pulled flowers

From the garden

While I went

And stood on

The shoulders of

The curious giants.


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Payden Hall 

Transplanted from Nashville, Payden Hall lives and works in communications in Washington, DC. People-loving and word-spilling are her two favorite pastimes, and both are frequently done with a cup of coffee in hand. Passionate about language and expression, Payden is eager to use her gifts to bring beauty to the lives of others.

You can find her and her writings on her personal blog,

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