On Growing Old (a letter)

It's a Monday. And I actually have something exciting to share on a Monday. *gasp* 

Today I'm participating in the Mr. Thomas and Me letter linkup. Amber describes it best: [These letters] are written to remember mundane moments that would otherwise slip away, to hold tight to him, and to remember how life looks right now at this very moment with the chance to shed light on your heart. 

I, like Amber, have decided to write these letters to my husband, documenting our moments before we have kiddos. Because trust me—there are plenty of moments to record. But do I? Nope. So here's my chance.


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Dear John,

How many times have we freaked out about growing old? From me rubbing it in your face that you're a whopping 6 months older than me, to looking at each other with wide eyes when we realize how close to 30 we really are—growing old is making us nervous (our physical appearances are showing our anxiety over it).

But in all honesty—what do we have to fear? Life is about growing old, about nearing death—as our pastor says, we've never been better because we're one day closer to heaven. Growing old is just a natural thing, and we need to learn to embrace it a little better. With growing old comes amazing life moments. If we were to remain young, remain at this exact place in time, how many things in life would we miss? 

In one of your love letters to me, you said, "We have so many years and months ahead of us. An entire lifetime together... I pray as time passes, every day will be like the rest. Full of love..." That's what's important, isn't it? That we seize every day, continue to love and to grow—and as our hairs turn gray (or disappear entirely), we're able to cling to our love and to the immeasurable plan God has for our lives.

Growing old has its seriously sucky moments. And honestly, it's easy to fear it. But you and I? We got this. That picture up there? More than just a poor selfie, right? That was after we stepped off the plane, in Mexico, on our honeymoon. That was our first full day married. What an awesome moment! We were SO DARN HAPPY. There was so much ahead of us. There is still so much ahead of us. From our first day married to our last day married, I'm so excited that you're the one I get to be with. So let's stay positive, embrace 30 (it's still three years away... oh wait, two for you), and breathe in every moment.

Here's to growing old. Together.

Your hunny

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