So I read this book...

...and it's AWESOME. It has challenged me in some crazy ways, so I encourage all of you creatives to grab yourself a copy (just click the image). I discovered this book before I discovered "Steal Like An Artist," but that's definitely going to be my next read.

So at the end of the book, the challenge is, obviously, to SHOW YOUR WORK. I guess you could say that the moral of the story, the end of the day take-away, is that people are interested in your process. They're also interested in you being a real and imperfect human being. So showing your work, your process, and your failures (alongside your successes) makes you tangible, discoverable, and followable. 

Over on Instagram, I've been hauling and doing my best to show my work. Not going to lie- some days are just plain boring (such as typesetting, organizing my inbox, or making just a few small corrections to projects that I've already featured). So it's difficult for me to commit to it EVERY day. But I have at least committed to posting my work three times a week, and taking that next step by writing a little blurb about it: my struggles, what I'm learning, what I'm excited about, etc.

So, if you find it interesting, hop over to Instagram and follow to stalk me showing my work. If you're a creative, get the book, and #showyourwork yourself. Seriously, I'll follow you doing it, too, and be one of your biggest cheerleaders. Because there's just something about the process of being vulnerable. I'll post about #showyourwork again in three months and share with you how it's working, what I've discovered through it, and if my connections are growing because of it. Join me in my journey!


If you're already showing your work, leave a link to your Instagram account below so that I can follow you!


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