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National Poetry Month—Tiffany Trivett

For the grand finale of National Poetry Month, I'm so excited to share with you a very special poet today: Tiffany Trivett. I feel so honored to be able to feature her inspiring words—is it strange that I just keep reading them over and over, letting them sink in a little deeper each time? I usually get butterflies when I see her new work posted on Instagram, and I'm so thrilled that today, her words get to be on my blog. 

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National Poetry Month—Gaby Comprés

Today I'm sharing with you my very first international poet! Gaby Comprés is from the Dominican Republic! But more importantly, her poetry is from her heart and soul. You can see her contagious spirit shine through her writing, and I'm honored to share her work with you.

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National Poetry Month—Erin Michael Dworak

Today I present to you a writer very near and dear to my heart. Erin Michael Dworak is one of my beloved writing clients that I've had the privilege to design for. Tonight I'm attending one of her journal writing workshops and then tomorrow I'll be featuring her brand as a client spotlight on my blog. So stay tuned for more!

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The Design Line

Man, what a day! I've decided to save my Finicky Designs brand post for tomorrow, but how could I not share mine and my friend's very first vlog today? 

This is just a peek at our new YouTube channel, The Design Line. It isn't officially launching until February 2015, so if there seems to be a lack of design surrounding our channel, just know it's because it's not finished yet.

We have a TON of work to do, and this was literally our first go at it in front of our webcams... EVER. It's kind of like speech class all over again...

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