So I read this book... 

...and it's AWESOME. It has challenged me in some crazy ways, so I encourage all of you creatives to grab yourself a copy. I discovered this book before I discovered "Steal Like An Artist," but that's definitely going to be my next read.

So at the end of the book, the challenge is, obviously, to SHOW YOUR WORK. I guess you could say that the moral of the story, the end of the day take-away, is that people are interested in your process. They're also interested in you being a real and imperfect human being. Showing your work, your process, and your failures (alongside your successes) makes you tangible, discoverable, and followable. So, that's what I'm doing!

To Those Friends

To Those Friends

I know, I know—Valentine's Day is totally about me and my husband. And Valentine's Day is super special for us because it's the day John asked me to be his. (Together for 8 years! Woo hoo!) And we'll be doing some special stuff to celebrate that (involves shooting—not each other—and cheesecake). But today, I want to spread a little love to my friends.

All of my friends here locally are moms. And there's this interesting dynamic out there: It's a point of pride to be a mama, and they love to talk alllll about it alllll of the time; and usually, moms cheer on other moms. Which, hear me, I find it to be AWESOME. I think this whole—moms surround other moms and help each other out thing—is amazing. And honestly, I can't imagine having kiddos running around and having the kind of mental and physical fortitude it takes to handle that. And someday, when I'm a mom, I look forward to having that kind of support around me (otherwise I'm not sure if I'll survive)

But right now, I am not a mom. Not yet. And there is a stark difference between my friends that are truly my friends and understand me, regardless of my mom status—and the friends that just think I don't get it, so they won't go to any effort to really connect with me. Well, this Valentine's Day, I'm feeling the love of those friends that are my true friends because they want to be, and because they actually love me, and they let me have relationships with their kids, regardless of whether or not I have a little one to bring with me during play dates.

Through My Lens: Snow Pups

Through My Lens: Snow Pups

This past week we had a few storms roll in that dumped a significant amount of snow on our little corner of Colorado. The dogs, especially my German shepherd husky, LOVE the snow. As in—OMG it's snowing, I'm going to whine excessively until you OPEN THIS BACK DOOR RIGHT NOW (doesn't matter if there's half an inch or 12). So I took them to the large dog park...

Through my lens: Fall

It's November 2nd and there's no way I'm letting go of the fall season yet! While people are starting to dig out their Christmas decor, I'm still sitting on my couch doing fall-themed crafts and sipping on my pumpkin spice latte. I love fall, and here's a peak at what my October 31st looked like (to keep the fall spirit alive).



The remnants of the first pumpkin pie of the season.


Best costume of the night? Bumblebee transformer, but only because when I asked the little boy what he was, he flexed his arms and roared at me "Bbbbbbumblebeeeeee!" Way to be in character, kid.

This may have been a few weekends ago, but my front yard maple tree is one of the reasons I love fall.

How do you feel about fall and the fact that's it's just about over? (Yikes!)

All photos taken with my iPhone 6 and edited in VSCO cam.


My husband and I were walking hand-in-hand through the charming town of Crested Butte a few weekends ago, when he pointed out to me that I stop every few steps to take a photo. I'm not sure that I've realized it before, but I honestly look at the world as a photo through a frame. I'm constantly framing a shot, whether it be of people, a mountain, a street corner, or a piece of used gum (I've actually never photographed a piece of used gum, but I'd imagine if it was interesting enough...). I see the world through my own creative lens.

So with that, I will from time to time share with you my travels and the day-to-day as seen through my lens.

Mt. Crested Butte, Crested Butte, Colorado


Saturday Morning- Sunflower Communal Kitchen, Crested Butte, CO


The eerie little town of Gothic, Colorado (aka the Rocky Mountain biological laboratory, "scientific research in progress. Access by permission only." Horror story, anyone?)


Washington Gulch Hike, Crested Butte, CO


All photos taken with my iPhone 6 and edited in VSCO cam.