Book Cover Design

The complete process + prices

In The Ultimate Self-Publishing Checklist, I share with you the critical components of your book in the self-publishing process:

  • Your Foundation
  • Written Words
  • Physical Book
  • Sharing

Book cover design is a part of the Physical Book, and comes after your foundation has been established and the majority of your words written.

Book Cover Design General Timeline: 

  • Book cover designs are scheduled approximately one month out from contact date (unless schedule is full)
  • 3 cover designs are booked each month
  • From start to finish, the design process takes two weeks
The self-publishing parts by Finicky Designs

Book Cover Design process by Finicky Designs

This process has been developed from in-house publishing experience as well as my own personal business experiences with my authors. It's a fun and exciting process, and seeing the smiles that comes from it never get old!

Bev Feldman, author of The Busy Mom's Guide to Creativity says:

Melody was an absolute pleasure to work with and is so unbelievably talented. Each of the initial book cover designs she showed me were gorgeous and fit amazingly well with my book. It was difficult to choose just one! Every step of the way Melody was quick to respond with questions and changes. She clearly really understood my customer and my vision for the book, even if I couldn't put into words what I wanted the cover of my book to look like.

Melody really took my book to the next level and made it look and feel professional. I can't help staring at the cover and smiling! Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Melody is in good hands and I know will be thrilled with what she comes up with. 

Additional Design Services

As you know, the book cover design is often just the tip of the self-publishing iceberg. Here are some additional services I offer for AFTER your book cover design is done:

Marketing bundle design for books by Finicky Designs

Marketing Packet

Providing your potential readers, fans, and partners with an interactive marketing packet is the best way to ensure they spread the word once your book becomes available for purchase. It can include elements such as book and author descriptions,
Click to Tweet quotes, sample chapters to download, "Buy Now" links, and more.

Starting at $220

Computer graphics for promoting book, Finicky Designs

Online Graphics

Providing strong promotional graphics for your book online is essential. This includes social profile graphics, web banners, and full landing pages. Build a package that is customized to your online needs.

Starting at $80

Typesetting services by Finicky Designs

Typesetting Services

Did you know the inside of your book is just as important to have look professional as the outside? While Finicky Designs no longer offers full typesetting services, we do partner with typesetters for both print and ebook. Finicky Designs provides your cover styles to the typesetter and works with them to wrap up the complete design of your book.

Starting at $100
+ the typesetter's fees