Portfolio Banners - WhereverWriter.png
The Wherever Writer, brand for travel blogger, by Finicky Designs

Amy: traveler, blogger, risk taker, change maker, dream chaser, wonderful. She came to me to help her create a unique brand for The Wherever Writer. It conveys Amy's love and knowledge for travel, complimenting her way of living a location independent life, and appealing to a market that aspires to do what she does.

Portfolio Banners - AnaMarija.png
Ana Marija blogger brand design | finicky designs


Ana-Marija was one of my very first online clients, and the first international client I've had the privilege to design for. She called on me to help her design her brand for her English blog—an accurate representation of Dubrovnik, Croatia while appealing to English speaking audiences. We arrived at something lovely.

Portfolio Banners - JessicaDaniels.png
Jessica Daniels Realtor brand, graphic design by finicky designs


Goal: Create an image true to Jessica and her services, providing a strong personal brand that communicates who she is and what she does in all areas of the housing industry. Professional, beautiful, classic.

Portfolio Banners - WritingSeason.png
The Writing Season, writer's logo and brand design by finicky designs


Erin and I worked to develop a brand that expressed who she is and also represent what she does to teach others about writing.

The Writing Season is definitely Erin. Literally. The handwriting of The Writing Season is her own—I simply fine-tuned it and turned it into a logo for her. I then sketched out various rose shapes and assigned each a season's color (in jewel tones). But the different seasons go much further beyond the weather's seasons. Each represents the season of life you and I are in. 

That's what Erin helps people do. Write. In season. Feel better.

Portfolio Banners - WriteNowRightNow.png
Teachers' and writers' curriculum and brand design by finicky designs


Write Now Right Now is a comprehensive writing program for grades K through 5 based on 6-Traits.

Can I just say... these ladies, Darlene and Terry, were so much fun to work with! I knew we'd hit it off when they sat down with me, and told me in all seriousness—We are teachers, this is curriculum, but we don't want cutesy red apples and clip-art rulers in our logo. Music to my ears!

Portfolio Banners - GenTwenty.png
GenTwenty blogger logo and brand design by finicky designs


I worked closely with Nicole, founder of Gentwenty, discovering the hearts and minds of not just Nicole, but all of the many amazing contributors of the GenTwenty blog. We wanted to give GenTwenty a clean, classy look that embodied sophistication—also with a touch of fun.