Melody of Finicky Designs helps writers

3 years
in-house experience working for publishers

2 years
experience working for writers through Finicky Designs

As a writer, you have an immense amount of creativity. I work closely with you to help you harness that creativity and find designs that adequately represent you and your writing! Brand is extremely important for a writer, and you want your brand to shine through your book covers and all of your writing materials. 

I want YOU to get heard, and having the right designs to represent your voice will make that happen.


The Writing Season

I can't tell you how happy and thankful I am with your idea. This is my life's work, and it's been so hard getting it off the ground because of other things that require my attention. There are so many things that I will be doing with this business—teaching the journal writing workshops, helping people write their memoirs, writing my own memoir. Your work is so wonderful and has brought to life the crazy ideas in my head!

—The Writing Season, 2015

What do my services include?

Author branding
Book cover design
Book typesetting
Book formatting for self-publishing through CreateSpace
Blog design
Website design
Book marketing material promotional design

We’ll work closely together with wide open lines of communication. Have a thought? Email me. Have an idea? Let’s jump on Skype together and talk through it. You contribute to the development of your brand and book during the entire process. It’s not just about several concepts I design for you; it’s about working together on those concepts to land on something that is completely YOU and your unique story! 

Whether you have huge, awesome ideas that you can’t wait to share, or you don’t have any clue what you want or need—we’ll work together to determine how I can help, what you need in order to achieve success, and what it's going to take so that you're heard!

Every person is different, and you deserve to be treated as the unique individual that you are. You can’t simply be plugged into a system. You deserve to be in control, to discover your brand, style, and designs right alongside your designer, and to be completely and utterly happy in the end.

GenTwenty Testimony

"Working with Melody was a dream. As a design-challenged writer, Melody made my brand visibly cohesive and helped me understand every single element and decision that went into my design. I can't recommend her enough."

—Nicole Booz, GenTwenty, 2015