If you've already had your consult call with me, and are ready to start working with me (woo hoo!), then you probably just received an email from me with a proposal and contract that you need to digitally sign.

I've created a quick guide for you to follow so that you know you've signed it correctly! After you've done the following steps, just save the pdfs, then send them back to me via email. I'll then sign the proposal and send you a copy for your records.

If this guide does not answer your questions, please don't hesitate to email me at letschat@finickydesigns.com.


Digitally sign a pdf

Open the pdf file in Adobe Acrobat. The fields you will need to fill out are highlighted in purple.




Digitally sign a pdf

Fill out the boxes that don't require a signature by clicking on them and typing.




Digitally sign a pdf

Now click on the signature box. This dialogue box will appear. From the menu Sign As: select New ID if signing a pdf document for the first time. If you already have a signature ID, just select that and skip the next steps.




Digitally sign a pdf

Select the second option: A new digital ID I want to create now. Then click Next.




Digitally sign a pdf

Fill out the information you wish to include (an email address is required). Then click Next.




Digitally sign a pdf

Set a password for your e-signature. This ensures that only you can sign with it. Click Finish.




Digitally sign a pdf

Your new Sign As ID should be selected. Enter your password, then click Sign.




Digitally sign a pdf

You will then be prompted to save your pdf. Save it with your name at the end of the file (best for my reference). Fill out the proposal form in the same way (though you will no longer need to create a new signature ID) and send both back to me.


Voila! You're done! Looking forward to hearing from you!