You’re a passionate storyteller.
You want the world to hear what you have to say.

You’ll do whatever it takes to rise above the rest. To stand out. To be noticed.
Because what you have to say is important.


But you feel silenced.

You’re blending into a faceless crowd.
Your words are POWERFUL, but your image is missing.
What you have to share is so dang important—BUT NO ONE SEES YOU.


I can fix that.

You can have a cohesive image that totally represents everything you’re about.

Your image deserves to be as unique as you are. Your passion can’t be shushed or quieted. You need to be heard and seen... You just need a killer image, and an amazing platform to showcase you and your passion.


Through the Finicky Designs process of finding your image, we work together to create a logo, brand identity, style, and visual story that is uniquely you—and we won't settle until you think it's PERFECT. Why? Because your brand is YOU, and it’s a promise to your audience about what they can expect out of you.

That's kind of (really) important.

I’ve poured all of my energy into perfecting the design process through the Finicky Designs process, making it more clear than ever to develop that brand that you’ve been searching for.

No more wondering what your voice looks like. No more searching for that visual expression to match your words. It’s time to get noticed, to stand out, to be heard.


The Writing Season Logo

I can't tell you how happy and thankful I am with your idea. This is my life's work, and it's been so hard getting it off the ground because of other things that require my attention. There are so many things that I will be doing with this business—teaching the journal writing workshops, helping people write their memoirs, writing my own memoir. Your work is so wonderful and has brought to life the crazy ideas in my head!

—The Writing Season, 2015


How am I different from other graphic designers?

I’m finicky. I get super particular about your message, your brand, and won’t settle for anything less than what’s absolutely perfect for you.

Melody of Finicky Designs, graphic designer in Colorado Springs and beyond

Your brand is YOU. So I get to know you–I care about YOUR needs. I’m not in it just to come up with pretty designs. I’m here for you, I design for your fulfillment–not mine. I’m willing to jump into your world, live in the moment with you, and figure out what you need by standing as close I can get to where you are—because your brand deserves that.

We’ll work closely together with wide open lines of communication. Have a thought? Email me. Have an idea? Let’s jump on Skype together and talk through it. You contribute to the development of your brand during the entire process. It’s not just about several concepts I design for you; it’s about working together on those concepts to land on something that is completely YOU and takes your journey to the next level. Your story is uniquely yours, so we’ll create a brand for you that matches that personality, uniqueness, and specialty.

Whether you have huge, awesome ideas that you can’t wait to share, or you don’t have any clue what you want or need—we’ll work together to determine what your brand looks like now and where you need to be.

Every person is different, and you deserve to be treated as the unique individual that you are. You can’t simply be plugged into a system. You deserve to be in control, to discover your brand right alongside your designer, and to be completely and utterly happy with your brand.

Patti Davis Testimony logo

In April of 2013 I completed the writing of my first book. It was a very exciting accomplishment for me because I had to live the content of the book before I could write it... I wanted this project done with excellence. Excellence is exactly what I found in Melody Christian and her company, Finicky Designs. Her talent enabled her to “read me like a book.” After the first interview she’d captured my passion, personality and vision for ministry... Her eye for design is nothing short of amazing, as well as her eye for photography, book cover, and web design. I’m so proud of the “look” she gave my ministry. It’s my pleasure to recommend her company, Finicky Designs, to anyone in pursuit of an excellent product. You’ll not be disappointed.    

–Patti Davis, Patti Davis Ministries, 2014

Request your welcome

I get it. There’s a lot at stake here. Your brand is so important that it’s difficult to jump in with both feet!

First of all—our consult together is totally free. So if you don’t think we mesh–you can walk away without having paid a penny. Also, I only require you to pay 50% of the design package’s total cost up front. That’s your investment. That’s your commitment to say hey, I’m in this to make it WORK. Then, after you’re completely satisfied with the direction we’ve chosen for your business, you pay the remaining amount and I get to work on your entire branding platform.

Take a look at what I've done for countless businesses and authors.

Write Now, Right Now logo testimony

Melody Christian helped launch our company into the business world. From designing our company logo to providing the expertise in designing the format of our curriculum, Melody exhibited the highest level of work ethics and integrity. Melody took our vision and created a product that we are extremely proud to have our name stamped on. Her design and forethought initiated a product that is professional and easy to read. We will keep Melody as our designer and typesetter as we continue to move forward in our business.

–Darlene McPherson and Terry Hoit, owners of Write Now—Right Now LLC, 2014

Not convinced you should invest in your business image?

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